How to unlock your memory card.

Memory card unlocking has been a problem of most of our mobile users,but after reading this posts,i strongly believe that the issue of memory card unlocking will never be a problem to you.

Steps to unlock your memory card

  • Step1:- Launch your x-plore in your mobile phone.
  • Step2:- After launching your x-plore press zero(0) button and select show the system file. The x-plore show your system files.
  • Step3:- After achieving the above steps, go to C:/sys/data/Mmc store
  • Step4:- Press 3 button from your mobile keypad and you will see an option, click on the Hex- viewer .Your mobile phone will display your files in hexadecimal format.
  • Step5:- look at the 3rd column on the screen you will see a code like TMSD026(c?*???6?2?6?2?6).
Note:- Down the number present between d, your password will be displayed.Example the password is 62626
step6:- Now,all you need to do is just to enter the password and unlock your memory card files or you can reset your memory card password to a more memorable password.

Note Again:- Remember you can gain access to C:/sym/ data/ if you have set a password on your memory card.

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