How to take screenshot on s40 phone.

In my previous post, I gave a guide on how to minimize applications on java s40 phones, but I was overwhelmed when I discovered this opera-mini used in taking screenshots of webpages. I was very happy because I have never heard of taking screenshots on java s40 phones, I only knew about the screenshot apps and software for Symbian s60 phones.To my greatest surprise, my positive result of the research i made motivated me to write this post.

  Just follow the steps below 
  • Install the opera mini and follow this guide to setup the screenshot function.
  •  After downloading the software, create a folder in your mobile phone where you want all your screenshots to be.
  •  Launch the opera-mini and goto Menu=> Tools => General , then under general, scroll down to screenshot path and enter the name of the folder you created in this format E:/ the folder name . For instance, may be you used screenshot as the folder name, then you enter it like this E:/screenshot.
  •  The next step is for you to define the shortcut or key for the screenshot,to achieve this, go to Menu => Tools=> Navigation , then go to shortcuts and edit, scroll down to 44 and click on it, then a page will appear, then enter the shortcut key for the screenshot. For me I used (*) key on my java phone.

  •  You can now test your screenshot opera-mini software by opening any webpage and pressing the key you defined. 

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