How To Signup And Verify a PayPal Account From Non-Restricted & Restricted Countries.

Many search queries have been made about how to signup and verify your PayPal account. In answer to this queries and to the problem many Nigerians and some other countries are having about opening and verifying a PayPal account, I decide to make this post that will guide you on how to open and very a PayPal account from a PayPal restricted country without using any software to hide your IP

Just follow the steps below and you are about 5 minutes to owning a verified PayPal account from any country.


  • To enable you open and verify a PayPal account from a restricted country, you need a virtual address, virtual phone number and debit card.
VTN is a merchant which operates with graph-card and their aim to allow you fund your graph-card account.
  •  Having registered with graphcard and verified your account, lets proceed to funding your graphcard account to enable you get the virtual address, virtual phone number and debit card.
  • Having logged in, update your account with them by providing all necessary information, after updating this, get their local bank account number which is probably a local bank in your country.
  •  Now, go to the bank and pay the amount you want to fund your graph card with into their account, after this login to your VTN account and notify them that you are the person who credited or paid into their account by submitting the payment information like deposit slip number(teller number), depositor's name and so on. In less than 24 hours, your account on VTN will be credited with the amount you paid.Having done this, you will be automatically redirected to PayPal.

  •  Just feel free and signup with PayPal using the virtual address, phone number and debit card you bought from graph-card. After signing up and verifying your email address, login and verify your PayPal account by clicking on get verified. After clicking, you will be brought to a page with two verification options: (card verification or bank verification), choose card verification and enter your debit card details (the one you got from graph-card).

Now you have a verified PayPal account from a none supported or PayPal restricted country.

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