How to duplicate words on 2go app.

Many questions have been asked by many people on the issue of How to duplicate words on 2go.
After receiving these numerous numbers of question,i embarked on research finally to come-out with this method used by mobile users to duplicate words on 2go. This method is called a "copy-paste method. Below is a procedure laid down for mobile 2go users on issues of duplicating words on 2go.


In order to duplicate words on 2go app, you need to have the following:-
  • Mobile phone (s40 java phone&s60 Symbian phone)
  • 2go apps
After you have finished registering & downloading a 2go application for your mobile version, login to your 2go application, having seen all your listed friends.
 Now choose a topic or message you wish to share with your friends,click on option button then scroll down to write.
In the empty blank page,type your message(s).
 After been through with your message writing, now highlight on your written message(s).

Note:- To highlight on your message(s), just click and hold the center & OK button of your phone and scroll down through your message(s).

After highlighting on your message(s),click on option and select the "copy button" and automatically your message(s) will copied to the clipboard of your phone. Select the friends which you want to send the message(s) to,open a blank page and click the option button then scroll down to paste and click,immediately your message(s) appear and you send it the friend you wish.
You can do these repeatedly as much as you can.

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