Five Things you need to know before signing up for a paypal account

In my previous post, I gave a comprehensive guide on how to open and verify a PayPal account in Nigeria but due to the problem and challenges faced by some Nigerians who never think twice before using their money open a PayPal account I decided to make this post.
Recently, I saw some messages in my mailbox, the messages was like:
  •  Sir, how can i deposit money to my PayPal Account?
  •  How can I fund my PayPal Account in Nigeria?
  • How can I withdraw from my PayPal?, and lots more.
Below are five things you must know before opening a PayPal account in Nigeria or from any other restricted country.

Most Nigerians just opened a PayPal account even when they have no need of it. Before using
your hard earned money to open a PayPal account in Nigeria, I will advice you to know why you want to open the PayPal account, what you want to use it for and how to get funds in it.

When I was still a newbie to online biz, I wanted to open a PayPal account just because I saw a survey site which promised to pay me some token of money just by taking surveys. So after opening the PayPal account without even bothering to know whether the site is scam or real, I came to understand that I have just wasted my money. So I will also advice you as a fellow Nigerian to knows ways through which you can make money to your PayPal account before opening it.

One of the greatest mistake you will make is logging in to your PayPal account with your Nigerian ip. Once you are detected to be logging in from a PayPal restricted country, your account will be blocked and you will loss your money. So before logging in to your PayPal account, make sure you hide your ip. If you don't know how to hide your ip, simply use All you need to do is to go to their website and choose the country ip you want to use and enter the web address of the site you want to visit a hit the go button.

NOTE: Some country ip are free while others are paid but I will advice to use the one that has no paypal restriction. These are some of the secrets the gurus will not tell you before urging to buy their eBook on how to open a PayPal account in Nigeria. But with this tips, you won't regret opening a PayPal account in Nigeria.

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