Blogging app for s40 users.

Many people keep asking this question; Is there any blogging apps for mobile users?
The answer to this question is "yes, there is".
In today's post i will be sharing with you guys on how to use your opera-mini as a blogging app.

In my previous post, i introduced a new version of opera-mini which can be use as a screenshot app,i.e can be used to take snapshot or screenshot of pages. I also gave the download link for both the jar & zip format of the opera-mini.

Download this new version of opera-mini from my previous post. After downloading the opera-mini, follow the steps listed below to write and saving your post with this opera-mini.

How to write and save your posts using this opera-mini.

 Lunch the downloaded opera-mini from your mobile device.

  •   Click on the search box and when it displays the writing space for you just click on option and select template.

  •  After selecting the template option, two textbox (the upper and lower textbox)will be displayed on your mobile screen.

  •  The upper textbox is for your post title and the lower textbox for the main post to be published.
  •  After typing in your post,click on the OK button and the click on the save option. Immediately your post will be saved in your opera-mini until when your want to publish it.
Note:- Do not forget to save your post after every writing or editing made.

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