Review: Asus ROG GL552JX

The mid ranged gaming laptop segment is a tough turf for many companies, who try to provide the best they can within an affordable price range. Today we have a beast of a machine that chewed on some of the best games released yet and came out with flying colours. This is the ASUS ROG GL552JX that is priced at Rs 74,500, and here's our review of this gaming mammoth.
                 Design and Display         

The ASUS ROG GL552JX laptop is one of the mid-lower end laptops in the ROG series of Asus and does not sport a metallic body. It is made of plastic fibre and has a mesh texture on the top with a brush metallic finish down the middle. This area has the Asus and the ROG logo, which lights up. Though the top half with the screen is not absolutely firm, the laptop does have a solid feel to its build.
The backlit keyboard is red in colour and the WASD keys have a highlight on them. Both the keyboard and the touchpad are quite comfortable to use for long hours. The ASUS ROG GL552JX has a 15.6-inch 1920x1080 full HD IPS display with great viewing angles, vibrant colours and is bright enough to be seen in extreme light conditions without any reflections. So overall the display is great for gaming.
The ASUS ROG GL552JX is by no means a slim laptop and can be called bulky to an extent with a weight of 2.6 Kg. The sides of the laptop have the audio, USB, HDMI and VGA ports along with the fan exhaust and the DVD drive.


The Asus ROG GL552JX laptop uses the 4th gen Intel Core i7 4750HQ processor with 8GB DDR3 RAM and has a 4GB DDR3 GTX950M GPU. The graphics unit handles games like Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Assassin's Creed Syndicate with ease. We ran both the games on high settings and saw some decent FPS. There were some frame drops in ultra setting, however the games were quite playable and we enjoyed every bit of it.
The Asus ROG GL552JX laptop scored an impressive 14,632 points on 3DMARK Vantage. This is definitely among the best scores we have seen in the mid-end gaming laptop category. The PCMARK 7 score was only 3,542 (which is lower side). The reason might be the 4th gen processor and just 8 GB RAM. Nevertheless, this would not affect gaming much that the laptop is targeted at.
The chiclit keyboard is surprisingly good and has excellent response rate, but the speakers that are located above the keyboard are a bit of a letdown. The sound is very basic and has no highlights either in mids or highs. We recommend using your gaming headphones for the ultimate gaming experience.

The Asus ROG GL552JX laptop also comes with Windows 10 64bit edition that employs the basic Windows UI. For storage the Asus ROG GL552JX has a 1TB 7200RPM hard drive that should prove to be large enough to easily encompass your heavy duty game files. On the flipside, the laptop does not have dedicated SSD to house the OS which many other laptops in this price range use.
The Asus ROG GL552JX has a 4 cell battery that lasts close to 2 hours while gaming, but the performance gets affected if one does not use constant wall power. Users need to plug it to the wall socket to experience top-notch performance.
The Asus ROG GL552JX is a well balanced laptop when it comes to gaming and definitely offers value for money. When we compare the specs to competitors like Lenovo, the ASUS ROG GL552JX laptop definitely comes out on top considering they are offering a better price.

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