AC Rechargeable Fan: Andrakk Mist Fan

The AC rechargeable fan comes with an extra cooling effect through its automatic water atomization function to provide cool and refreshing air even during the hottest weather conditions. It has a 12V7AH rechargeable battery that guarantees long hours of full speed function after power outage. It operates via electricity while charging itself at the same time so once power is cut it switches automatically to its battery. It comes with digital LED control to have full view of the fan functions. It also comes with a remote control that gives you full access to its 3 speed control of low, high and medium.
The AC rechargeable fan is beautifully designed as its uniqueness will provide more aesthetic value to your home. It has a 3 speed control mechanism that enables you to switch between speed levels that best suit your pleasure. This rechargeable standing fan comes with USB port that can charge your mobile devices when there is power failure. It can be used both indoor and outdoor as the need arises. It can be used in homes, offices, hotels, hostels and a host of other places. The rechargeable fan provides humidity for 13-20 hours only with AC current. It also features very low noise operation. The mist Rechargeable Fans now have Solar Charging Function and Free USB Cord.

* 16″ standing mist fan
* 12V7AH Rechargeable battery with overcharge & over discharge protection
* 1-7 hours Timer
* 2.1Ltrs water capacity
* Digital LED control
* Height Adjustible
* USB PORT , Charge level indicator
* 3speed control (low, medium & High) Remote control
* Replaceable batteries and standard 3 pin big plugs.
* Lasts for 11hours/low speed, 7hours/mid speed, 4hours/high speed, 180hours/9LED lights.
* Solar Charging Function
* Free USB Cord.
This AC cooling mist rechargeable fan is available at the best price in Nigeria.

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